5 VueJs Image Sliders/Carousels with Demo

Paul Shan Mon Apr 30 2018

Image sliders or carousels always have increased the UI attraction of websites and they are pretty useful for reflecting the major roles/products too. In case, I am having a website that sells tee-shirts, my image slider will contain the most popular tee-shirts or the newly arrived stocks.
But obviously, developing an image slider from the scratch is time consuming and most of the time not desirable. Trying various available plugins may also take few hours. We are helping you saving as much time as possible, in this article we are listing out the best 5 VueJs carousel/image slider plugins you can comfortably use for the purpose.

A touch friendly, responsive and perfectly flexible carousel for VueJs. Its flexibility allows you to demonstrate any kind of contents in this slider, including other VueJs components. The touch system is supported by both mobile devices and computers.
Though the slider is pretty good for the use but right now it is at pre-alpha stage of development and they may introduce various changes with time.

vue carousel


  • Fully responsive.
  • Flexible to use and customizable.
  • Touch friendly.
  • Mouse dragging.
  • Auto play.
  • Navigation arrows.
  • Per item scrolling and many more.

Demo Download

A well developed, customizable, flexible and touch friendly 3D Carousel for Vue.js. With CSS transition it provides beautiful and smooth 3D effected slides. You can customize the controls, heights-widths of the slides, do scaling and many more. Displaying any html content or any other Vue component is also possible.

vue carousel 3d


  • Option for 3D effects enable or disable.
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • Auto play.
  • Control enabled.
  • Touch friendly.
  • Flip slier and many more.

Demo Download

Vue Slick

Slick is one of the most popular jQuery image slider in the market and Vue slick is their VueJs version. It is fully responsive and comes with all the major features like autoplay, infinite looping, horizontal and vertical sliding, swipe enabling or disabling, mouse dragging, navigation arrows etc.

vue slick


  • Fully responsive.
  • Use CSS3 if available.
  • Autoplay, infinite looping.
  • Swipe enable or disable.
  • Mouse dragging.
  • Navigation and many more.

Demo Download

Vue Agile

Vue agile is a popular carousel component for Vue. This vueJs carousel is inspired by slick and works pretty similarly. Vue Agile is very stylish, fully responsive, touch-friendly and looks great with proper designing. Here you will find features like autoplay, infinite loop, arrow navigation, pause on hover etc.

Vue Agile is in their early stage of development, so you may expect some changes with new versions.

vue agile


  • Responsive design.
  • Touch friendly.
  • Auto play, infinite looping.
  • Arrow navigation.

Demo Download

Vue Plain Slider

Vue plain slider is one of the simplest VueJs image slider component. It is light weight and comes with no dependencies. It supports both the vertical and horizontal sliding, slider-mouse and has navigation arrows. In short, this vue slider plugin satisfies all the basic needs for the purpose.

vue plain slider


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Light weight.
  • Zero dependencies.
  • Mouse & slider support.
  • Navigation, arrows and pager.
  • Both horizontal and vertical sliding.

Demo Download


All of these 5 VueJs sliders/carousels have their own features and preferences, pick wisely. Hopefully one of these Vue sliders will satisfy your need.
Let us know in case we have missed any deserving Vue image slider in this list.

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